Monday, December 8, 2008

Pink baby jacket and hat.

A friend was not really happy with the baby sweaters,she found ,where she lived.So,I asked her ,if I could make one for her baby.She said,she wanted one in baby pink color and she wanted it to be a cardigan or front open style..So,I set about looking for patterns...and finally settled on
I used 4 ply Baby wool-soft to touch and easy to care for. It took me a little over 10 days to complete it..But,the end result,made me so happy.
The hats were so much fun to make and so quick too.I am making one for Pipette and I have one more ready,to sell.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Post here

Pipette has been my inspiration,even before she was born.When I was pregnant,like most would-be-mothers,I decided that she should have something,exclusively hand-made by her mother.So,I started thinking..every Hindi movie,that I had watched growing up,had the pregnant woman,knitted a sweater for her baby-to-be.But,I didn't want to knit..My grandma,was going to do that.So,I decided to make a blanket for her.Quick and easy,baby blankie.And I decided to crochet it.But,as the blanket,started taking shape,I loved the way it felt..and the way it looked and decided to go all the way and make an Afghan,that she could use,even when she got a little older.

Here's the Afghan:

I used the wool from Baby Clouds.and the afghan does have a dreamy feel to it.

The reason for starting this blog is simple-

First,I want to keep a record of all my creations.And secondly,I am trying to establish,a small work-from home type of a business.So,this blog will also work as a display for my creations.So,if you know someone,who might like this,send them my way :)

Thanks for looking.